Friday, March 18, 2016

List of Islamic Terror Worldwide: Last 30 Days

During this time period, there were 126 Islamic attacks in 22 countries, in which 998 people were killed and 2179 injured. 

2016.03.16PakistanPeshawar1530Fifteen people are torn to shreds when Jihadis bomb a bus carrying commuters.
2016.03.16NigeriaMaiduguri1835Two female suicide bombers slaughter two dozen worshippers at a rival mosque.
2016.03.14SyriaBusayrah10A young man is shot in the head for 'mocking religion'.
2016.03.14BangladeshJhenaidah10Radical Muslims assassinate a 'polytheist apostate' (ie Shia cleric).
2016.03.12AfghanistanKhanashin13A child is disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2016.03.10SyriaWilayat al-Khayr20The Islamic State executes two terrified men by blowing them up.
2016.03.09IraqTaza1600A 3-year-old girl dies from an ISIS chemical attack that left hundreds injured.
2016.03.09SomaliaMogadishu42Four people bleed out following a suicide car bombing outside a café.
2016.03.08UruguayPaysandu10A Jewish man is stabbed to death by a Muslim convert 'following Allah's order'…
2016.03.08TurkeyKilis21A 4-year-old and his mother die when Sunni extremists hit their car with a rocket.
2016.03.07IraqAbu Ghraib37Three people at a market are sectionalized by a Jihadi bomb blast.
2016.03.07IraqKirkuk50Five young people are torn to shreds by an ISIS bomb blast.
2016.03.07TunisiaBen Guerdane1917A 12-year-old girl is among nineteen others who lose their lives during an Islamist assault on a small town.
2016.03.07SomaliaBeledweyne06A bomb hidden in a laptop detonates at an airport.
2016.03.07PakistanShabqadar1730A Jamatul Ahrar suicide bomber murders seventeen people at a courthouse, including two children.
2016.03.06IraqHillah6195At least sixty people are incinerated when a suicide bomber in a fuel tanker detonates outside a town.
2016.03.06Iraqal-Jahash120A dozen people are executed by a Sharia court.
2016.03.06SyriaAleppo1440Jaish-al-Sunna terrorists send mortars and rockets into a busy market, massacring over a dozen shoppers.
2016.03.06EgyptSheikh Zuweid30Fundamentalists ambush an ambulance and machine-gun a medic and two injured patients.
2016.03.05SyriaJarablus10A teen is beheaded for apostasy after missing Friday prayers.
2016.03.05YemenAden20Sectarian terrorists fire on a vehicle, killing two occupants.
2016.03.04YemenAden160Militant Muslims storm a Catholic retirement home and murder sixteen, including four nuns and the elderly residents.
2016.03.03SyriaKafriya13Sunni militants machine-gun a civilian in his home.
2016.03.03IraqAbu Ghraib210Two civilians are killed when terrorists sent mortar shells into a market.
2016.03.03LibyaSurman20Two Italian hostages are killed while being used as human shields by ISIS.
2016.03.03ThailandYala10Militant Muslims shoot a rubber tapper to death, then set his body on fire.
2016.03.02IraqHawija60Six people are beheaded and crucified by the Islamic State.
2016.03.02AfghanistanJalalabad219Four suicide bombers target the Indian consulate, killing two civilians.
2016.03.02IraqNineveh50A 12-year-old girl is forced by the caliphate to execute five women, including a doctor.
2016.03.02SyriaQuneitra1830Two suicide bombers massacre eighteen bystanders.
2016.03.02EgyptKhariza13An Islamist bomb claims one life.
2016.03.01PhilippinesDatu Salibo12Bangsamoro Islamists kill one other person during an ambush.
2016.03.01PhilippinesZamboanga20An assassination attempt on an anti-ISIS preacher outside a university hall leaves two dead.
2016.03.01PakistanNoorshah20Two women are murdered over 'doubts about their character and lifestyles'.
2016.03.01PakistanSheikhupura10An Ahmadi religious minority is stabbed to death for his faith.
2016.03.01RussiaMoscow10A woman beheads a child, saying that it was revenge for 'spilled Muslim blood' in Syria.
2016.03.01SomaliaAlamada58An al-Shabaab bomb produces five dead bodies.
2016.03.01Egyptal-Arish20Fundamentalists behead a man and shoot his son to death.
2016.03.01IraqHaditha88Eight Iraqis are blown up by four Fedayeen suicide bombers.
2016.03.01PakistanPeshawar24Two employees at the US consulate bleed to death following an Islamist bombing.
2016.03.01AfghanistanPul-e-Khumri32Religious extremists hit a house with a rocket, killing three family members.
2016.02.29AfghanistanUruzgan43Four locals are shot to death by the Taliban
2016.02.29IraqMosul240Two dozen Iraqis are rounded up and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.02.29IraqMosul20Two religious clerics are murdered by their more radical brethren
2016.02.29AfghanistanFarah33Three children are disassembled by a Taliban IED.
2016.02.29IraqMuqdadiya4058A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a funeral, sending at least forty mourners straight into their own afterlife.
2016.02.29IraqHawija30Three youth are beheaded for putting up anti-ISIS posters.
2016.02.29YemenAden45A Shahid suicide bomber snuffs out four other souls.
2016.02.29DRCNtombi130Four women are among thirteen villagers found hacked to pieces by ADF Islamists.
2016.02.29NigeriaBadarawa1522Suspected Boko Haram surround a group of villagers gathered to watch a video and pour machine gun fire into them, killing at least fifteen.
2016.02.29SyriaDeir ez-Zor30Three men are crucified by a Sharia court for crimes against Allah.
2016.02.28IraqAbu Ghraib2422Two dozen Iraqis are shot or blown apart during a Fedayeen suicide attack by ISIS.
2016.02.28IraqBaghdad78112Seventy-eight people at a packed market in a Shiite area are exterminated by two Sunni suicide bombers.
2016.02.28Egyptal-Arish10A man is shot to death in front of his home by the Islamic State.
2016.02.28SomaliaBaidoa3060At least thirty civilians and first responders are slaughtered by a twin suicide attack near a restaurant.
2016.02.28AfghanistanLashkar Gah311Three souls are snuffed out by an explosive device planted by Sharia proponents.
2016.02.28AfghanistanQads10A tribal elder is tortured to death by religious extremists.
2016.02.27AfghanistanBolan20The Taliban wipe out two local police with a roadside bomb.
2016.02.27PakistanQayum12A Muslim shouts a religious slur and fires into a Christian home, killing a 17-year-old boy.
2016.02.27AfghanistanNangarhar15Taliban bombers take out a civilian.
2016.02.27SyriaSalamiya23An ISIS suicide bomber takes at least two others with him.
2016.02.27AfghanistanKabul1531A suicide bomber targets a bus, killing fifteen passengers and bystanders.
2016.02.27SyriaTeeba44Four villagers lose their lives to an Islamic State suicide bomber.
2016.02.27SyriaDeir Ezzor312Three children are disassembled by Sunni mortars.
2016.02.27EgyptRafah22Two local security personnel are cut down by an Islamist bomb.
2016.02.27IraqAbu Ghraib29Jihadis bomb an outdoor market, killing two patrons.
2016.02.27IraqBaghdad525A series of Mujahideen blasts leave five dead.
2016.02.27SyriaAjila24A suicide car bomber takes out two village guards.
2016.02.27AfghanistanAsadabad1240A dozen people lose their lives to a suicide blast along a city street, including three brothers.
2016.02.26SomaliaMogadishu1430Holy Warriors attack a 'Youth League' hotel with bombs and gunfire, laying out fourteen innocents.
2016.02.26Syriaal-Zahra10A child is killed by Jabhat al-Nusra.
2016.02.26EgyptGiza11Fundamentalists open fire on two traffic cops, killing one.
2016.02.26GermanyHanover01A 'radicalized' teen girl stabs a female police officer.
2016.02.25SomaliaMogadishu48Four civilians lose their lives to an al-Shabaab attack.
2016.02.25IraqBaghdad1550Two Sunni suicide bombers detonate at a Shiite mosque, slaughtering at least fifteen worshippers.
2016.02.24SyriaDayr al-Zawr214Sunni rockets take out two civilians.
2016.02.24SyriaAleppo105Seven children are among ten civilians disassembled by two Sunni mortar rounds.
2016.02.24IraqMosul10An imam is beheaded by Religion of Peace rivals.
2016.02.24LibyaSabratha120A dozen local security agents are captured and beheaded by ISIS.
2016.02.24MaliTimbuktu32Islamists attack a checkpoint, killing three defenders.
2016.02.24AfghanistanKabul70The Taliban kill seven Afghans over a 24-hour period.
2016.02.24NigeriaAgatu300Radical Islamic mercenaries sweep through a series of Christian villages and slaughter over three hundred, including pregnant women and children.
2016.02.23IraqFallujah120A dozen Iraqis are caught trying to flee the caliphate, marched to the city center and executed.
2016.02.23SyriaHamidiya20Two teenage girls are stoned for adultery.
2016.02.23SyriaRaqqa10Radicals execute a man for 'apostasy'.
2016.02.23IraqHawija40Four young people are executed by ISIS after members call for 'repentance'.
2016.02.23SyriaDeir Ezzor214Two civilians are pulled apart by a Sunni mortar blast.
2016.02.23IraqYusufiya19Terrorists bomb a vegetable market, killing one person.
2016.02.22AfghanistanJabba22Religious fundamentalists murder two local cops.
2016.02.22AfghanistanParwan1319A suicide bomber detonates near a clinic, taking thirteen other souls with him.
2016.02.22AfghanistanBaghlan12A Taliban rocket takes out an Afghan citizen.
2016.02.22PhilippinesTugaya10Muslim terrorists murder a local soldier guarding a village
2016.02.22IraqRamadi80Eight people are killed in their own homes by ISIS booby-traps.
2016.02.22IndiaPompore30Three more people are killed by Lashkar-e-Toiba.
2016.02.22IraqRamadi610An ISIS assault leaves six town defenders dead.
2016.02.21Egyptal-Arish210Two civilians are taken out by an Islamist IED.
2016.02.21ThailandPattani20'Insurgents' shoot a Buddhist couple to death.
2016.02.21SyriaZahra59200A double-bombing by ISIS along a commerical strip leaves nearly sixty dead and two-hundred burned and battered.
2016.02.21SyriaDamascus83178Children are among the eighty-three destroyed by a horrific suicide bombing outside a Shiite shrine and school.
2016.02.21PhilippinesButig36Moro Islamists fire on a group of soldiers guarding a town, killing three.
2016.02.21PakistanNavi Mandi31Four displaced persons are disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2016.02.21IraqKirkuk42ISIS members target fleeing families, killing four members.
2016.02.21IndiaPulwama310Islamic militants open fire on a bus, killing three passengers.
2016.02.21BangladeshDeviganj12A Hindu priest is hacked to death and beheaded by Muslim extremists outside his temple.
2016.02.21IraqKirkuk20Two more people are publicly beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.02.20YemenAhwar30An al-Qaeda attack on a small town leaves three defenders dead.
2016.02.20YemenAden20Two people are gunned down by al-Qaeda operatives on a motorcycle.
2016.02.19EgyptSinai10ISIS beheads a hostage taken in a tourist province.
2016.02.19PakistanFaisalabad30Three policemen are shot to death for "protecting the unIslamic system of democracy."
2016.02.19IraqHardan99ISIS bombs targeting a bus kill nine Kurds.
2016.02.19AfghanistanLandi Kotal10A religious scholar is assassinated by rivals.
2016.02.19CameroonMeme24112Four Shahid suicide bombers massacre twenty-four others at a market and a nearby school.
2016.02.19MaliMenaka11Jihadists fire into a group of village guards, killing one.
2016.02.18IraqHawija170Seventeen young people are beheaded after being accused of drawing anti-ISIS banners.
2016.02.18IsraelShaare Benjamin11A 21-year-old father is stabbed to death in a supermarket by Palestinians.
2016.02.18SyriaAleppo45Four civilians lose their lives to Sunni mortar shells on their neighborhood.
2016.02.18IraqMosul30Three women who formerly served as election workers are forced to their knees and shot in the back of the head by caliphate members.
2016.02.18PakistanMohmand90Religious radicals murder nine local security personnel in two attacks.
2016.02.18SyriaPalmyra20Two young men are detained and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.02.18SyriaKobane1324Over a dozen people lose their lives during an ISIS bomb attack on several villages.
2016.02.18AfghanistanWaskhwa60Four children are among a family of six eliminated by Taliban bombers.
2016.02.17IraqNineveh30Three civilians are executed for refusing to join the Islamic State.
2016.02.17YemenAden1360Thirteen recruits at a military camp are wiped out by a Fedayeen suicide bombing.
2016.02.17ThailandNarathiwat11Bombers target a group of teachers, killing a guard.
2016.02.17EgyptGiza12Islamists gun down a traffic cop.
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