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Latest Misunderstandings of Islam

christian child beheaded by ISIS MOSLEM butchers

This is part of the list of Islamic terror attacks maintained by 

During this time period, there were 221 Islamic attacks in 24 countries, in which 2435 people were killed and 2404 injured. 

2016.02.08SyriaRaqqa10Islamic State proponents crucify a 17-year-old.
2016.02.08AfghanistanYahyakhil69Six people are massacred by a suicide bomber outside a bakery shop.
2016.02.05SomaliaMogadishu30A woman is among three people incinerated by a car bombing outside a pharmacy.
2016.02.03AfghanistanTirin Kot10A 10-year-old boy is cut down in a targeted attack by Taliban gunmen.
2016.02.03IsraelJerusalem12A 19-year-old woman bleeds out following a Palestinian shooting and stabbing spree.
2016.02.01AfghanistanKabul2029Twenty people are reported dead in the aftermath of a Fedayeen suicide bombing.
2016.02.01SyriaManbij30Three brothers are beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.01.31ChadMiterine424Four children playing soccer are killed after being deliberately targeted by two suicide bombers.
2016.01.31SyriaSayeda Zeinab71110Five children are among seventy Shiite worshippers exterminated outside their mosque by two Fedayeen suicide bombers.
2016.01.31KenyaKaisari41Militant Muslims raid a Christian village and kill four innocents, one of whom is beheaded and the other burned inside his home.
2016.01.30YemenLahj31An ISIS gunmen takes down three targets.
2016.01.30KenyaPandanguo31Islamists murder three men in a fishing village.
2016.01.30IraqHadher170Seventeen members of two families, including woman and young children, are beheaded by caliphate members.
2016.01.30IraqShirqat30Three children are reportedly executed for insulting ISIS.
2016.01.30AfghanistanSarkano32The Taliban uses a roadside bomb to kill three Afghans.
2016.01.30IraqSaladin10A Shiite is beheaded on video by Sunni radicals.
2016.01.30SyriaJarablus10A 14-year-old boy is beheaded on charges of apostasy after missing prayers.
2016.01.30AfghanistanSarkanu43A bomb planted by Islamists takes the lives of four people.
2016.01.30NigeriaDalori8662Children are among eighty-six souls horribly burned to death by Boko Haram.
2016.01.29AfghanistanNangarhar10A journalist is shot to death by ISIS.
2016.01.29YemenAden77Seven people are shredded by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.01.29SyriaDeir Ezzor33Three children are disassembled by an ISIS rocket.
2016.01.29NigeriaAdamawa1028A young suicide bomber detonates at a busy market near a church, taking out ten innocents.
2016.01.29PakistanRegi10A polio worker is murdered by fundamentalists.
2016.01.29Saudi ArabiaMahasen436Religion of Peace rivals attack a Shiite mosque with a suicide bombing and gunfire, killing four worshippers.
2016.01.29Egyptal-Arish27An bomb planted by extremists near a school leaves two dead.
2016.01.28IraqBaghdad29Jihadis bomb a popular market, killing two patrons.
2016.01.28EgyptRafah612Four children and two security personnel are killed in a bombing and clash with Islamic militants.
2016.01.28PakistanQuetta40The Taliban gun down four traffic cops.
2016.01.28CameroonKerawa412Two suicide bombers murder four people at a school.
2016.01.28MaliGao43Four security personnel are killed in two separate attacks.
2016.01.28YemenAden1110A Fedayeen suicide car bombing kills eleven, including two children.
2016.01.27NigeriaChibok1632Suicide bombers send shrapnel through sixteen innocents at a vegetable market in a Christian town.
2016.01.27Iraqal-Baghdadi410A series of suicide attacks on a guesthouse leave four others dead.
2016.01.27Egyptal-Arish412Ansar Beit al-Maqdis members set off an IED that takes the live of four policemen.
2016.01.27AfghanistanGerishk40Four members of a crew working to clear landmines are shot dead by the Taliban.
2016.01.26IraqHamamiyat28Mujahideen set off a bomb that claims two lives.
2016.01.26KenyaLamu52al-Shabaab ambush and murder five local cops.
2016.01.26PakistanSafi10The body of a peace committee member is found a few days after his abduction by fundamentalists.
2016.01.26SyriaManbij10A local media activist is beheaded by the Islamic State.
2016.01.26IraqRamadi550Over fifty Iraqis are reportedly killed in two suicide bombings.
2016.01.26SyriaHoms25100Twenty-five people are laid out by an ISIS suicide bombing in a commercial district.
2016.01.26AfghanistanChinarto100A Taliban infiltrator drugs and murders ten local cops.
2016.01.25IraqRamadi400About forty victims of ISIS executions are found in a mass grave.
2016.01.25SyriaRaqqa10A man is beheaded for refusing to pray at the local mosque.
2016.01.25SyriaAleppo2324Two dozen people are blown up by a suicide bomber in a fuel truck.
2016.01.25IsraelBeit Horon11Two women are stabbed in a grocery by Palestinian terrorists.
2016.01.25AfghanistanSpin Boldak33Five suicide bombers manage to take out three border guards.
2016.01.25CameroonBodo3286Dozens of shoppers are torn to shreds when three suicide bombers detonate at entrances to a market.
2016.01.25SyriaDeir al-Zour56ISIS members kill five citizens with a rocket.
2016.01.24YemenMansura50A woman is among five people shot to death by suspected al-Qaeda.
2016.01.24EgyptKafr Keshk34Islamists fire on a group of villagers, killing three.
2016.01.24NigeriaBabangida10An elderly man is killed by Boko Haram as they are burning down his home.
2016.01.24SyriaQamishli310Three Christians are killed in a targeted bomb attack on their restaurant.
2016.01.24NigeriaGirei620Muslim terrorists raid six villages and slaughter over sixty innocents, most of which are women and children.
2016.01.23IraqFallujah100Ten young boys are summarily executed for attempting to escape the caliphate.
2016.01.23IraqTal Msheihda511Five Iraqis are taken out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.01.23IraqKilo430Fort-three local police officer are reportedly killed by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.01.23IraqHit10A civilian is murdered for trying to help families escape the Islamic State.
2016.01.23PakistanBhal Syeda10A Shiite is beheaded by radical Sunnis
2016.01.23PakistanPeshawar20Militants gun down two policemen.
2016.01.23AfghanistanJalalabad22Two others are killed when two suicide bombers detonate near the Indian consulate.
2016.01.23SyriaWafidin37Women and children are among the casualties of a Jaish al-Islam rocket attack.
2016.01.21LibyaSitre30Three men are executed for apostasy.
2016.01.21IraqBaghdad26Two people lose their lives when terrorists set off a bomb at a popular restaurant.
2016.01.21IraqBaghdad25Jihadis bomb a commercial district, killing two bystanders.
2016.01.21IraqBaghdad415Three bombings and a shooting produce four dead civilians.
2016.01.21IraqHamamiyat37Mujahideen set off a bomb in a village that leaves three dead.
2016.01.21EgyptEl-Arish53Islamists roll up on a police checkpoint and shoot five officers point-blank.
2016.01.21EgyptGiza1013ISIS claims a bombing at a tourist area that leaves ten others dead.
2016.01.21SomaliaMogadishu2020Gunmen shout praises to Allah as they slaughter patrons at a beach-side restaurant during an attack that began with a suicide bombing.
2016.01.20IraqBaghdad25Jihadis bomb a market, killing two patrons.
2016.01.20AfghanistanKabul724Seven TV station employees burn to death after a Shahid suicide bomber slams into their minibus.
2016.01.20PakistanCharsadda3119Gunmen storm a university and shout praises to Allah while massacring over thirty civilians.
2016.01.19IraqBaqubah140Fourteen young people are tortured and executed by the Islamic State.
2016.01.19IraqMopti30Jihadists gun down three local cops.
2016.01.19ThailandSongkhla18Muslim 'insurgents' set off a bomb at a restaurant that kills a 28-year-old woman.
2016.01.19PakistanJamrud1239Twelve people at a market, including a child, are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.01.19SyriaRaqqa10A woman is stoned to death for adultery.
2016.01.18ThailandRaman20A married couple are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2016.01.18ThailandThepa17A woman is killed when suspected terrorists toss a hand grenade into a restaurant.
2016.01.18YemenAden10A judge is assassinated near his home by Islamists on a motorbike.
2016.01.18TurkeyKilis11An employee is killed when ISIS hits a school with a rocket.
2016.01.18CameroonNguetchewe42A suicide bomber hits a rival mosque, taking out four worshippers.
2016.01.17AfghanistanJalalabad1314A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at a house, killing thirteen occupants.
2016.01.17YemenAden1115A Fedayeen suicide bomber rams a bus into the home of a policeman, killing eleven.
2016.01.17AfghanistanUruzgan90Nine local police are shot dead by Taliban insiders.
2016.01.17IsraelOtniel10A mother of six children is stabbed to death in her home by an Arab terrorist.
2016.01.16Iraqal-Furat10An accused homosexual is flung from a roof by Religion of Peace proponents.
2016.01.16IraqHajj Ali190Nineteen civilians are executed for trying to flee the Islamic State.
2016.01.16SyriaBaghaliyeh300400Three hundred people are reported massacred during an ISIS assault on a small town featuring a suicide blast and 'door-to-door' beheadings.
2016.01.16SomaliaBurhakabo20A young ice factory worker is among two people executed by al-Shabaab.
2016.01.16SyriaAleppo455Four residents bleed out following a Sunni rocket attack.
2016.01.16Syriaal-Fu'ah15A civilian is dismantled by a terrorist rocket.
2016.01.16IraqMosul30Three women are burned alive on charges of betraying Islam.
2016.01.15MaliDioura10A guard is killed when gunmen attack a market, shouting praises to Allah.
2016.01.15LibyaBin Jawad30At least three residents are beheaded after Muslim extremists take over a town.
2016.01.15IraqMuqdadiya10A Sunni cleric is assassinated by Shia militia.
2016.01.15SomaliaEl-Adde630al-Shabaab claims to have killed over sixty peacekeepers in a suicide bombing at a base.
2016.01.15MaliTimbuktu23Two guards are killed when terrorists ambush an aid convoy.
2016.01.15Burkina FasoOuagadougou2956Dozens of tourists from eighteen countries are massacred by Islamic extremists shouting praises to Allah at a luxury hotel.
2016.01.15SyriaHasakah26A suicide bomber takes out two bystanders in a residential neighborhood.
2016.01.15IraqMosul30Three women are burned alive by the Islamic State.
2016.01.14YemenAden40Four policemen are killed by Jihadists in two separate attacks.
2016.01.14IndonesiaJakarta420Four suicide bombers attack a shopping and restaurant district, managing to kill four civilians.
2016.01.13AfghanistanBadghis10A man is executed by the Taliban on charges of adultery.
2016.01.13IraqBaghdad26Two people at a market are sectionalized by a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
2016.01.13ThailandYala21Muslim 'insurgents' ambush and kill a local cop as well as a maid.
2016.01.13IraqAbu Ghraib60Five women and 1 man are slaughtered in their own home by suspected moral fundamentalists.
2016.01.13PakistanLahore11A 17-year-old girl is killed after telling a group of Muslim men that she would not have sex with them because she is a devout Christian.
2016.01.13CameroonKolofata1011Two female suicide bombers detonate at a rival mosque, taking out ten worshippers.
2016.01.13PakistanQuetta1524A Shahid suicide bomber slaughters fifteen people at a polio clinic.
2016.01.13PakistanJalalabad77Seven other people are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bombing.
2016.01.12IraqBaqubah41A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out four Iraqis.
2016.01.12TurkeyIstanbul1115A Syrian 'refugee' with a suicide vest self-detonates in a bustling tourist area, slaughtering ten bystanders, including eight Germans.
2016.01.12IraqDiyala20Two journalists are shot to death by terrorists.
2016.01.12IraqMuqdadiya100Ten people are shot to death by sectarian militia.
2016.01.11PakistanDerai20Two local cops are shot to death by religious radicals.
2016.01.11PakistanRabwa10A religious minority is brutally slain by suspected Islamists.
2016.01.11IraqNineveh850Eighty-five Iraqis are arrested and executed by caliphate firing squads.
2016.01.11IraqMuqdadiya2351Two dozen Iraqis are torn limb from limb by a couple of well-placed bombs at a crowded coffee shop.
2016.01.11SyriaAleppo32Three children are disassembled by a Sunni rocket.
2016.01.11AfghanistanKhost38Fundamentalists fire a rocket into a secondary school, killing three pupils.
2016.01.11IraqBaghdad1850Religious radicals stage a suicide assault on a shopping mall, killing at least eighteen innocents with bombs and bullets.
2016.01.11FranceMarseille01A Jewish teacher is attacked with a machete 'in the name of Allah.'
2016.01.11IraqBaghdad715An ISIS bomb blast leaves seven suburbanites dead.
2016.01.11AfghanistanMirzakhil32The Taliban set off a bomb near a school, killing two bystanders.
2016.01.10SyriaFaisaliyah50The Islamic State lines up and crushes five civilians under a bulldozer for the crime of 'apostasy'
2016.01.10NigeriaMadagali70Seven villagers are beheaded by Sharia proponents.
2016.01.09PakistanRahim Yar Khan20Two women are 'honor-killed' by their families for alleged sexual behavior.
2016.01.09SyriaDeir ez-Zor20Two fathers are executed for not allowing their teen daughters to be married off to caliphate members.
2016.01.09EgyptGiza20Two local cops are gunned down by ISIS.
2016.01.09IraqGhazlani800Eighty Iraqi civilians are executed by an Islamic State firing squad.
2016.01.09IraqJbala32Sectarian militia storm a home and shoot three people to death, including a woman.
2016.01.08IraqHaditha187Eighteen Iraqis are blown to bits by a caliphate suicide bomber.
2016.01.08PakistanGulshan-e-noor10A 45-year-old man is murdered for no reason than his status as a Shiite.
2016.01.08LebanonArsal10Masked terrorists fire on a married couple, killing the man and injuring his wife.
2016.01.08IraqZummar163Well-placed ISIS shells kill sixteen Iraqis in a residential neighborhood.
2016.01.08IraqMosul30Three university students are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.01.08SyriaRaqqa10A woman is publicly executed her own son on charges of leaving the Islamic faith.
2016.01.08AfghanistanNangarhar70A local soldier is among seven people beheaded by ISIS.
2016.01.07BangladeshJhenaidah10A convert to Christianity is 'eliminated' by devout Muslims for leaving Islam.
2016.01.07LibyaRas711A Shahid suicide bomber at an oil facility takes seven others with him.
2016.01.07IraqMosul60Six Iraqis are shot to death by caliphate members for using the Internet on their phones.
2016.01.07PakistanShaktoi40Four displaced refugees are murdered by Taliban gunmen.
2016.01.07EgyptHurghada03Three tourists are among the casualties of a suicide attack on a hotel.
2016.01.07USAPhiladelphia, PA01A man shoots a police officer three times 'in the name of Islam'.
2016.01.07LibyaZliten65200A massive suicide truck bomb at a police training facility kills dozens of young recruits during their graduation ceremony.
2016.01.07SomaliaMogadishu11An al-Shabaab mortar leaves one civilian dead and another seriously wounded.
2016.01.07NigeriaMaiduguri10A displaced person is beheaded by suspected Boko Haram
2016.01.06IraqDawra27Two civilians are liquidated along a city street by Muslim bombers.
2016.01.06SyriaDamascus84Eight civilians bleed out following a Jaish al-Islam mortar hit on their neighborhood.
2016.01.06SyriaRaqqa10A35-year-old woman is put up against a wall and shot to death by ISIS.
2016.01.05SyriaManbij10A 21-year-old woman is tortured to death by a female fundamentalist for a dress code violation.
2016.01.05EgyptSinai40ISIS-linked terrorists fire a rocket that claims four lives.
2016.01.05AfghanistanSamangan10A peace activist is gunned down by suspected Taliban.
2016.01.05NigeriaIzgeki20Two people are riddled with bullets by Boko Haram on bicycles.
2016.01.05NigeriaBorno712A suicide bomber detonates at a market, slaughtering seven bystanders.
2016.01.05Libyaal-Sidra725Seven more oil port guards are killed during an attack by ISIS militants.
2016.01.05PakistanBahawalnagar10A 7-year-old Christian boy is kidnapped, raped and killed by 'influential' Muslims.
2016.01.04IraqHillah10Shiite radicals attack a Sunni mosque and kill a guard.
2016.01.04IraqIskandariya10A Sunni cleric is shot to death in a targeted attack by Shia rivals.
2016.01.04Libyaal-Sidra216Two others are killed by suicide car bombers at a oil port.
2016.01.04NigeriaUdeni Ruwa80At least eight others are killed when Muslim terrorists attack two villages.
2016.01.04AfghanistanDasht-e-Asfandi50Five Afghans are pulled from a bus and murdered by the Taliban.
2016.01.04AfghanistanKabul120One other person is killed by a Shahid suicide bomber at a hotel entrance.
2016.01.04YemenAden10A Sufi imam is assassinated by Sunni extremists while leaving his mosque.
2016.01.04IraqHaditha1130At least eleven Iraqis are laid out by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2016.01.04NigeriaGwoza2610Over two dozen villagers are massacred by Islamists disguised as soldiers, who opened fire after luring the victims from their homes.
2016.01.04SyriaRaqqa10A man is beheaded by a Sharia court on charges of 'apostasy'.
2016.01.04YemenHadramawt10Fundamentalists put an alleged prostitute in the ground and stone her to death.
2016.01.04IraqRamadi400A mass grave containing forty ISIS execution victims is discovered.
2016.01.03SyriaRaqqa150Fifteen 'moderates' are beheaded by caliphate members.
2016.01.03SomaliaMogadishu13A suicide bomber kills one other person at a restaurant.
2016.01.03SyriaRaqqa50Five British 'kuffar' are executed by the Islamic State.
2016.01.03IraqTikrit1922ISIS suicide bombers kill nineteen Iraqis.
2016.01.03PakistanNaushero Feroz10A conservative family has a younger brother shoot a daughter to death for marrying without their permission.
2016.01.03IraqMosul30Three university students are executed in cold blood by ISIS.
2016.01.03Saudi ArabiaAwamiya11Shiite radicals open fire on the home of a Sunni, killing him and wounding an 8-year-old child.
2016.01.02SyriaRaqqa10A female activist is executed by the caliphate.
2016.01.02SomaliaMogadishu30Sharia proponents throw grenades into a police station, killing three occupants.
2016.01.02IndiaPathankot70Jaish-e-Mohammad stage a suicide attack on an Indian air base that leaves seven others dead.
2016.01.01FranceValence02Two other people are injured when a Muslim deliberately rams French guards outside a mosque.
2016.01.01IraqRamadi317Ten ISIS suicide bombers manage to kill only three other people.
2016.01.01IraqRamadi120The bodies of twelve civilian victims of ISIS executions are discovered.
2016.01.01SyriaDeir ez-Sor10A 15-year-old boy is thrown to his death from a roof by Sharia enthusiasts for 'being gay'.
2016.01.01IsraelTel Aviv10A taxi driver is shot to death by a Palestinian terrorist.
2016.01.01AfghanistanKabul215A suicide bomber strikes a French restaurant, killing two patrons, including a 12-year-old boy.
2016.01.01IsraelTel Aviv26An Arab terrorist carrying a Quran fires into bars and restaurants, killing two innocents.
2016.01.01SomaliaMogadishu14Islamists fire on a group of aid workers, killing one.
2016.01.01LibyaTripoli3000Three-hundred West African migrants are reportedly rounded up by ISIS and executed.
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