Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! A Sobering Prophecy From 1933! A Cruel Woman Will Seize Power in U.S. and Russia becomes a World Power

Dear friend,

I have collected and read many prophetic dreams and visions over the past 17 years of this ministry. One of the oldest visions in my files was received by Reverend William Branham in 1933.

First, let me say that William Branham, who passed away in 1965, was and is a controversial figure. He rose to national prominence in the Post-World War II era. Mr. Branham attracted vast crowds to his traveling revival tent crusades. There were many claims of miraculous healings at his meetings. Some of his doctrines were quite controversial. Even today, he still has ardent friends and foes debating the merits of his national ministry that ended 50 years ago.

For now, however, I want to focus on an amazing prophetic vision Rev. Branham received in 1933. There is ample evidence that he spoke and wrote often about it. Therefore, it is not an “internet folk legend.” He often mentioned the vision in his sermons throughout decades of preaching.

I have mentioned it various times since I first went on the radio in 1999. Many people believe Hillary Clinton will win both the Democratic Party nomination and the general election in 2016. I thought this is a good time to revisit Rev. Branham’s 1933 vision.

I’m not going to publish his words in full. There are various websites and books with accurate quotes. Instead, I will capsulize what he saw in 1933.

First, take a moment to think about the age. The Great Depression started in late 1929. A fourth of the American people were unemployed. New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt won the presidency in a landslide victory in November 1932. The communists had seized control of Russia and changed the country’s name to the Soviet Union. Benito Mussolini and his Fascist Political Party was in control of Italy. Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party seized power in Germany. The Japanese Empire was becoming militarily militant. The world was still recovering from the First World War.

Rev. Branham received the vision on a Sunday morning as he was preparing his sermon. He said that God showed him seven things that would happen:

The Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini would invade Ethiopia. He will later come to a shameful demise and suffer a horrible death. His people would spit on him.

Adolf Hitler would start the Second World War. America would be drawn into the war. Hitler would come to a “mysterious end.” Rev. Branham was shown the Siegfried line where there would be a great loss of American lives.

Three “isms” would spread across the world. Fascism, Nazism, and Communism. The voice in the vision told him to “Watch Russia, she will become a great world power.”

After the Second World War, technology and science would advance rapidly. People would ride in driver-less egg-shaped cars with bubble roofs and no steering wheels. The passengers would be amused by games while riding in the driver-less vehicles.

America’s morality would decline significantly and rapidly. Moreover, women would begin wearing skimpy clothing, and would adopt the clothing of men. In the vision, he saw a woman who was all but naked as she clothed herself with a tiny apron the size of a fig leaf. The moral degradation of women permitted sexual perversion to flourish.

A cruel woman will seize power in the United States. She possessed a hardness that defied description. She was cruel, wicked, and cunning. She dominated the United States with authority, and she had complete power over the population. The voice did not tell him the identity of the wicked woman. He wasn’t sure if it would be an actual human being or a spiritual entity.

The voice in the vision told him to look again at America after the cruel woman seized power. He saw great explosions rip the country to pieces. He saw America turned into a land of smoking ruins. As far as his eye could see there was nothing remaining except smoldering piles of debris and craters. He saw no human life.

I don’t know if Hillary Clinton will be the fulfillment of the Sixth scene in William Branham’s 1933 vision. If she is that person, the last scene won’t be far behind her. God have mercy on us.

There is one thing, however, that I am certain. No other U.S. presidential candidate has ever been photographed wearing a witch’s costume!

In the Service of the King Jesus,

Rick Wiles
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