Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Today in History: Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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On Sept. 15, 1963, four black girls were killed when a bomb went off during Sunday services at a Baptist church in Birmingham, Ala., in the deadliest act of the civil rights era.
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On this date in:
1776British forces occupied New York City during the American Revolution.
1821Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador became independent from Spain.
1857William Howard Taft, the 27th president who later served as chief justice, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
1917Russia was proclaimed a republic by Alexander Kerensky, the head of a provisional government.
1935The Nuremberg Laws deprived German Jews of their citizenship and made the swastika the official symbol of Nazi Germany.
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1940The Royal Air Force inflicted heavy losses on the Luftwaffe as the tide turned in the Battle of Britain during World War II.
1950During the Korean War, United Nations forces landed at Inchon in the south and began their drive toward Seoul.
1982The first edition of the USA Today newspaper was published.
2000The Summer Olympics opened in Sydney, Australia.
2001President George W. Bush identified Osama bin Laden as the prime suspect in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and told Americans to prepare for a long, difficult war against terrorism.
2004National Hockey League owners agreed to lock out the players. (The 2004-05 season was eventually canceled.)
2005President George W. Bush, addressing the nation from storm-ravaged New Orleans, acknowledged the government failed to respond adequately to Hurricane Katrina and urged Congress to approve a massive reconstruction program.
2008Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection – the largest in U.S. history.
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Today's Birthdays:
Actor Tommy Lee Jones turns 69 years old today.
AP Photo/Peter Kramer
Norm CrosbyComedian88
Gaylord PerryBaseball Hall of Famer77
Tommy Lee JonesActor69
Mark KirkU.S. senator, R-Ill.56
Dan MarinoFootball Hall of Famer54
Danny NucciActor47
Josh CharlesActor ("The Good Wife")44
Tom HardyActor38
Amy DavidsonActress36
Heidi MontagTV personality ("The Hills")29
Prince HarryYoungest son of Britain's Prince Charles and Princess Diana31
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll turns 64 years old today.
AP Photo/Ted S. Warren
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