Sunday, September 20, 2015

THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT THE NEW MOSLEM GUESTS OF GERMANY: Hundreds of Syrian Refugees destroying property in Germany

I could not find this story on the AP yet, but there are mobs of people virtually all dressed in black clothing from head to toe. Some are wielding signs and breaking vehicle windows, and all are running in formation and seemingly attacking everything in their path. It brought chills down my spine as I pondered what on Earth is taking place there and what level of organization, considering so much black clothing and some hand held signs. 

This just happened within the last 24 hours. These are Syrian Refugees destroying public
property in Germany. Notice their black ISIS clothing. True refugees are thankful for any and all assistance they receive and certainly would not destroy property. Also, notice that most of these refugees are men, 75% in fact! Only a small percentage are women and children so that leaves only once conclusion, Terrorists! Most likely ISIS.
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