Monday, September 7, 2015

Vote No September 12th, On Proposed Harlingen Independent School District Tax Increase: by Robert Leftwich


- WHEN: Monday Sept. 7th & Tuesday Sept. 8th

- WHERE: Administration Building, 407 N. 77 Sunshine Strip in Harlingen

- TIME: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


- WHEN: ON SEPT. 12th 

- WHERE:(see bottom of this page!)

As a value for Harlingen taxpayers, prior to HCISD going it alone in independently taxpayer funding overly elaborate mega structures like the new multimillion dollar aquatic facility, performing arts theater, and other pricey school projects, HCISD and the city of Harlingen for many decades wisely had low-cost facility use agreements for city facilities to satisfy district needs.

Now, with no added benefit to enhancing classroom learning, we and our children face a future needlessly burdened with taxpayer debt for building these monuments of excess, and to boot, are tragically footing the bill for maintenance and upkeep of these duplicate facilities.

The district leadership has gone viral on why taxpayers should go against their better judgment in approving a second round of oversold, and sometimes, twice sold bill of goods. Telling us in 2010 certain classroom learning enhancements were a priority, but apparently, due to waste and mismanagement, those items failed to beat out the higher priority show-case Taj Mahal structures, causing the district in 2015 to seek a second round of perpetual handouts to actually address the many classroom ailments identified for improvement back in 2010.


When calculating the 2010 tax increase and the proposed lofty 2015 increase, it will total approximately $200 annually for every $100,000 of assessed valuation… and a $400 increase for a $200,000 valuation. That means the 2010 increase amounted to about a 9% increase, and with the 2015 tax approved it becomes an 18% increase.

And when you consider the city tax increase just adopted by the Harlingen city commission to cover their surplus pork barrel spending habits, the desire of the Port of Harlingen to add a tax on us, the upcoming Cameron County hospital district 25 cent tax vote, the upcoming Cameron County Commissioners tax increase, the probable Cameron County real estate assessment increases, and the recent 6% Texas Southmost College tax increase, things are looking pretty bleak for besieged Harlingen area taxpayers.

While the district leadership declares they live bond to bond, apparently they are oblivious and out of touch to the plight of the majority of hardworking Harlingen families and struggling small businesses that live paycheck to paycheck, and who will burden the brunt of their ballooning taxation.

As the saying goes,” fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” Vote NO for more taxes! We as taxpayers are expected to live within our means, and so should our community leaders when spending our tax money.



Bonham Elementary

 2400 East Jefferson 

Bowie Elementary

 309 West Lincoln 

Crockett Elementary

 1406 West Jefferson 


 Dishman Elementary

 309 Madeley Avenue 

 Parts of 57, 87

 Long Elementary

 2601 North 7th 


 Parts 57,87 

 Ben Milam Elementary

 1215 Rangerville Road 


 Parts of 36
Stuart Place Elementary

 6701 Business 83 


 Parts of 28, 36, 64,80 
 Treasure Hills Elementary

 2525 Haine Drive 

 30, 34, 44, 79
Wilson Elementary

 16495 Primera Road 


 Parts of 28, 64, 80 

 Zavala Elementary

 1111 North B 

 33, 35, 42

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