Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mexican Federal Prisons Chief and 12 Others Arrested in El Chapo Guzman Prison Escape Conspiracy!

Former chief of federal prisons Celina Oseguera Parra

The Federal Police and the Attorney General's Office today arrested 13 officials charging them in the escape of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Including Celina Oseguera Parra, former general coordinator of federal penitentiaries, (she was fired the day following El Chapo’s escape) and Valentin Cardenas Lerma, a former prison director of Altiplano No. 1. 

Celina is the highest level of authority arrested in the case, she was chief of all prison directors, including Valentin.

El Chapo Escape Photos

Others arrested: Leonor García García, former legal director of the Altiplano;

And the following detainees:

Roberto Cruz Bernal, (custodian chief),

Reyes Mora Carrillo, (one of the top 3 federal police working at the prison)

Herminio González Albarrán. (in charge of monitoring)

Miguel Ángel Flores Mirafuentes, (chief of security control center)

Others whose duties included monitoring, guards and custodians:

Jaime Galindo Hernández, Oswaldo Gastón Veytia Rodríguez and Agustín Jiménez Molina,  Miguel Ángel Cortes Carrillo, Erick Sorcia Martínez, Arturo Hernández Hernández.

The government had previously detained 7 prison officials, including 2 of the federal police and 2 from the agency CISEN (national security).  Government officials report that 4 were released of the original 7, and the others were charged with acts such as failing to activate the “Code Red”, delaying notification of the escape, and not following protocols.

That is the contention of the government, however reports in August claimed all but 1 detainee had been released, and that person was a low level guard.

The newly arrested male suspects are imprisoned at CEFERESO Número 1, Altiplano, and the two women CEFERESO Femenil de Tepic, Nayarit.

I searched the federal agency websites and PGR social media pages for mugshots, as of yet, I found no mugs and no mention of the arrests.

Some material used in this post was accessed from Reforma, BB archives and Univision Noticias
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