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SEPTEMBER 12, 2015
 1:00 P.M.


The buffet at Antonio's opens at 12:00 noon.  Those wishing to enjoy a delicious Mexican meal may arrive before the meeting begins at 1:00 P.M., en punto

New developments critical to the healthcare district proposal will be shared and discussed.  Don't fail to make this meeting!

Dear Friends -- If you don't take my word for the need to vote down a health care taxing district for Cameron County, please read what former Harlingen City Commissioner Jerry Prepejchal wrote four months ago. He saw it coming! This will be a referendum item on the November 3rd ballot!
Please read right now: From MB
Say no to the proposed hospital district taxes by Cameron County, the City of San Benito and the City of Harlingen
Posted on Thursday, April 16th, 2015
By: Jerry Prepejchal
As a former Harlingen City Commissioner, I am appalled by the lack of respect for “property rights of property owners” and their right to public notice, hearings and input on taxes and the right to maintain affordable property taxes in accordance to our economic conditions.
Senator Lucio and Representative Lucio III in Cameron County have filed or are filing legislation on a County Indigent Care bill at the request of Harlingen special interests to allow elections to increase property taxes by $.25 cap / $100 property valuations through county elections. This would add $250 to an appraised $100,000 home or business, and so on. The county already has a standing indigent state mandated program being funded by our present county taxes and values of property tax collected by the county. The Cameron County commission uses present county taxes for the county indigent program as clinics and hospitals grants, but that is not enough money to the special interests. It also allows for collecting property taxes to fund for the UTRGV Medical School. This is a complete camouflage of the main initiative. Higher education funding comes and should be enhanced by the State of Texas legislature and federal government, and not local property taxpayers. This combination of areas has only been done to better sell their deal by the special interests and tax you more.
The problem of indigent care at hospitals is a state and federal issue, including border issues and abuse of health services, and not a county property taxpayers matter, especially during these socio-economic times along the U.S.-Mexico Border. The elected officials should be seeking state and federal funding or initiatives to relieve this border and immigration problems and abuse of our health systems. Instead, they are proposing state legislation where an election can be held to raise your property taxes.
This whole movement is slick politics. No property taxpayers were given notice nor were public hearings held and taxpayers asked their opinions on this legislation. Cameron County waited until our County Judge Cascos left and now Texas Secretary of State in Austin. Carlos Cascos has denied any additional property taxes or initiative during the last 8 years as county judge. Just last summer this special interest group asked former County Judge to a place a referendum resolution to create a hospital district tax with a $.75 cap. After talking to Carlos Cascos, he said “No”. I feel Carlos Cascos or any other elected county judge would have not placed this matter to a vote to support this type of property tax initiative. Last month, the county commissioner’s court appointed Mr. Sepulveda as county judge. Mr. Sepulveda is a former Hidalgo County resident now earning some $370,000 in wages and benefits from 2 public jobs as Cameron County Judge and Administrator of the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority. Just weeks of this appointment, Mr. Sepulveda placed this item on the agenda and got the ball rolling to support another property tax conduit. It is further inappropriate when elected officials know that property taxpayers are outnumbered in general elections especially when poverty levels along the U.S.-Mexico Border are almost 40% in their communities. In some cases, the poverty levels in small rural areas poverty are as high as 70%. These people propose county elections during the November general elections and thus this regressive tax will have a better chance of being sold.
Our community does not need another layer or tier of property taxes or state initiatives as this. It needs real investment, production and exports of goods and services, better paying jobs, and lowering taxes for the community to improve the economic quality of life. More property taxes reduce economic growth in this area. Please join me in contacting Texas Senator Eddie Lucio (512) 463-0127 and Texas State Representative Lucio III at (512) 463-0606 and tell them that we do not support any further property taxing initiatives that will adversely affect our economy. “No mas” property taxes or any taxing initiatives.
Gerald R, (Jerry), Prepejchal, former Harlingen City Commissioner
Harlingen, Texas

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