Sunday, August 30, 2015



Current amounts budgeted in Cameron County for indigent healthcare are in the vicinity of the following:

1.  Federal funds:  $ 7,218,000

2.  State funds:       $  946,000

3.  County Funds:  $ 5,337,000
Approximate total $ 13,501,000

All of the above represent tax funds.

In addition, as indicated in earlier postings on this blog, there are 10 federal, state and local programs offering low-cost or free medical care to under-served populations.

The bottom-line question is:  Why should a bureaucratic healthcare district be imposed on Cameron County residents by boosting property taxes to create a potential pot of $50,000,000? This is a question that should be answered by the legislators who dreamed it up.

The number one issue now facing our county is the proposed boondoggle known as the Cameron County Healthcare District, which has great potential to bring about soaring property taxes and the imposition of financial hardship on those who can least afford it, namely those of limited income, senior citizens and young families. 

Designed to favor those with political clout and surreptitiously navigated through the Texas legislature, this scheme would foster a new bureaucracy, which would be nearly impossible to get rid of once in place. 

The blueprint for this new taxing district would allow it to have the power of eminent domain and to raise the property tax assessment anywhere from 25 cents to 75 cents per each $100 of assessments.  (NOTE: ON A $200,000 HOUSE THAT IS AN EXTRA $500 DOLLARS A YEAR IN NEW TAXES AT 25 CENTS PER EACH $100 OF ASSESSMENTS) This is intolerable, and especially so since it would essentially preempt existing agencies presently providing services the district would duplicate.

Please get the word out to the hard-working, tax-paying citizens of Cameron County.  We must defeat this attempt to create more patronage positions for Cameron politicos in the November election!
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