Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cameron County Healthcare District Referendum MUST BE DEFEATED ON NOVEMBER 3RD!

on November 3rd!!

This referendum (known as SB 2034 and HB 4182) would significantly increase taxes for everyone including residential, commercial, industrial, business, agricultural, and rental properties within Cameron County.

  • We cannot afford more taxes. Unless voters say NO in the November 3rd referendum, this new taxing district will affect every single one of us, property owners and renters, with no exemptions for agricultural property or senior citizens.
  • Cameron County  is the poorest county in Texas. Thousands are already delinquent in paying property taxes, and many would lose their homes.
  • Proponents claim that this proposal will fund healthcare for indigent citizens, but those services are already funded by our tax dollars and are being provided. No new care services would be offered through this referendum.
  • Passage of this proposal would open the door for government waste and corruption and would create a whole new level of inefficient bureaucracy with costs for:
  • administrators’ salaries
  • staff and benefits
  • retirement plans
  • vehicles, insurance, and travel expenses
  • building construction and furnishings
  • The governing board of directors for this proposed healthcare district would be appointed by local politicians with special interests---not elected by nor answerable to voters. Then the board would have the power to raise the new tax up to 300%.
  • If approved, the healthcare district would likely become an automatic magnet for non-citizens to take advantage of free services provided by your tax dollars.
  • Frighteningly, the referendum would also authorize the healthcare district to seize your property without your consent.
  • A similar proposal was defeated in Hidalgo County in 2014. We must defeat this proposition in Cameron County on November 3rd 2015
Consider this referendum very carefully. Once in place, this new taxing authority would be nearly impossible to overturn. Vote "NO" on November 3rd to SB 2034 and HB 4182, the Healthcare District for Cameron County.


Finally, after waiting with bated breath, the wording that will appear on the ballot for the special election on the proposed Cameron County Healthcare District has come down from Austin.  Consequently, and for the information of the electorate, the wording is as follows:

"The creation of the Cameron County Healthcare District, providing for the imposition of an ad valorem tax at a rate determined by the board of directors of the district, which rate may not exceed 25 cents on each $100 valuation of all taxable property in the district.  District funds shall be used for district purposes, including providing medical and hospital care for the needy inhabitants of Cameron County, improving health care services for inhabitants of Cameron County, supporting the School of Medicine at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, training physicians, nurses and other health care professionals, obtaining federal or state funds for health care services, and providing community health clinics, primary care services and prevention and wellness programs."

As you read through this proposition, it is important to remember that the board that will be administering the program will be APPOINTED by local politicians.  That means that board members will NOT BE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU, the taxpayer.  And, once established, it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the electorate to vote the healthcare district out of existence.  This taxing district will not have board members directly elected by voters in the manner of the Texas Southmost College District, or of local directly-elected school boards.

All of the services mentioned in this proposition are being provided by currently existing agencies and programs.  To mention just a few:

1.  Medicaid
3.  The Health Services Resource Administration
4.  The Department of Aging and Disability (DADs programs)
5.  The Texas Department of Health and Human Services
6.  Community Medical Centers
7.  Su Clinica Familia

Finally, one of the announced goals for the district is the support of the new UTRGV Medical School, which will be part of one of the most richly endowed state university systems in the United States.  Why, for goodness sakes, does that system need property taxes from one of the poorest counties in the country?


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