Thursday, July 2, 2015

Today in History: Thursday, July 02, 2015

AP Highlight in History: 
On July 2, 1937, aviator Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan disappeared over the Pacific Ocean while attempting to make the first around-the-world flight at the equator.
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On this date in:
1776The Continental Congress passed a resolution that "these United Colonies are, and of right, ought to be, Free and Independent States."
1881President James A. Garfield was fatally shot by Charles J. Guiteau at the Washington railroad station. (Garfield died on Sept. 19.)
1890Congress passed the Sherman Antitrust Act.
1908Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court justice, was born in Baltimore.
1932Democrats nominated New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt for president at their convention in Chicago. 
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1947An object that the Army Air Force later said was a weather balloon crashed near Roswell, N.M. Eyewitness accounts gave rise to speculation it might have been an alien spacecraft.
1961Author Ernest Hemingway, 61, shot himself to death at his home in Ketchum, Idaho.
1962The first Walmart store (called Wal-Mart Discount City) was opened in Rogers, Ark., by Sam Walton and his brother, James.
1964President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law a sweeping civil rights bill.
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1976The Supreme Court ruled the death penalty was not inherently cruel or unusual.
2003President George W. Bush promised to deal harshly with those who attack American troops in Iraq, saying "bring them on."
2007President George W. Bush commuted the sentence of former aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, sparing him from a two-and-half-year prison term in the CIA leak case.
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Today's Birthdays:
Writer-director Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Seinfeld") turns 68 years old today.
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Robert ItoActor ("Quincy")84
Polly HollidayActress ("Alice")78
Richard PettyAuto racer78
John SununuFormer White House chief of staff76
Luci Baines JohnsonDaughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson68
Roy BittanRock musician (The E Street Band)66
Jerry HallActress, model59
Jimmy McNicholActor, singer54
Michelle BranchRock singer32
Ashley TisdaleActress ("High School Musical" movies)30
Lindsay LohanActress29
Figure skater Johnny Weir turns 31 years old today.
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