Saturday, June 20, 2015

Today in History: Saturday, June 20, 2015

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On June 20, 1837, Queen Victoria ascended the British throne following the death of her uncle, King William IV.
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On this date in:
1863West Virginia became the 35th state.
1893A jury in New Bedford, Mass., found Lizzie Borden innocent of the ax murders of her father and stepmother.
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1943Race-related rioting erupted in Detroit.
1948The TV variety series "Toast of the Town" hosted by Ed Sullivan debuted on CBS.
1963The United States and Soviet Union signed an agreement to set up a hot line communication link between the two superpowers.
1967Boxer Muhammad Ali was convicted in Houston of violating Selective Service laws by refusing to be drafted. (The conviction was later overturned by the Supreme Court.)
1975The movie "Jaws" was released.
1994O.J. Simpson pleaded innocent in Los Angeles to the killings of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend Ronald Goldman.
1997The tobacco industry agreed to a massive settlement in exchange for relief from mounting lawsuits and legal bills.
1999As the last of 40,000 Yugoslav troops left Kosovo, NATO declared a formal end to its bombing campaign against Yugoslavia.
2001Andrea Yates drowned her five children, who ranged in age from 6 months to 7 years, in the bathtub in her family's home in Houston.
2002The U.S. Supreme Court declared that executing mentally retarded murderers was unconstitutionally cruel.
2007Sammy Sosa of the Texas Rangers became the fifth major leaguer to hit 600 career home runs.
2009Neda Agha Soltan, 27, was gunned down during election protests in Tehran; her dying moments were caught on video and circulated widely on the Internet.
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Today's Birthdays:
Actress Nicole Kidman turns 48 years old today.
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Martin LandauActor87
Olympia DukakisActress84
Danny AielloActor82
John MahoneyActor ("Frasier")75
Stephen FrearsDirector74
Brian WilsonRock singer, songwriter (The Beach Boys)73
Anne MurraySinger70
Bob VilaTV host ("This Old House")69
Tina SinatraProducer67
John GoodmanActor63
Michael AnthonyRock musician (Van Halen)61
John TaylorRock musician (Duran Duran)55
Josh LucasActor44
Dreama WalkerActress ("Don't Trust the B----- in Apartment 23")29
Christopher Mintz-PlasseActor ("Superbad")26
Singer Lionel Richie turns 66 years old today.
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