Saturday, June 6, 2015

OBAMA TURNS 3,700 CRIMINAL ILLEGALS LOOSE IN U.S: Freed despite being designated for deportation as 'Threat Level 1'


How many Americans will be murdered or violently attacked by the more than 3,700 “Threat Level 1” criminal illegal aliens reportedly released by the Obama administration last year?
Those numbers, released earlier this week, pose a grim outlook when compared to previous such releases.
In fact, criminal illegal aliens released by the Obama administration between 2009 and 2011 went on to be charged with 19 murders, three attempted murders and 142 sex crimes, a House Judiciary Committee report previously documented.
On Wednesday, the Washington Times cited new numbers from Congress that show most illegal aliens released in 2014 by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, were discretionary. That means ICE could have kept them in detention but utilized an Obama administration policy exemption that allows “prosecutorial discretion.”
Included in last year’s releases are more than 3,700 “Threat Level 1” criminals who were freed despite being classified as top priority for deportation.
Previous release statistics do not bode well for the safety of Americans.
A 2012 House report reviewed the effectiveness of the Secure Communities program, a project initially launched by the George W. Bush administration to build databases that identify illegal aliens who qualify for deportation. The data covered arrests from October 2008 through July 2011.
The report analyzed data on 159,286 legal and illegal immigrants arrested by state or local police, including 7,283 illegal aliens who could have been deported but who were not taken into custody by ICE despite being identified as living in the country unlawfully.
The data shows that along with drunken-driving charges, the released illegals went on to commit 16,226 new crimes, including 19 murders, 142 sex offenses, 1,420 drug crimes, 682 cases of burglary or theft and 48 firearms charges.
In 2013, ICE released 36,007 criminal illegal aliens.
A Center for Immigration Studies report found the 2013 releases included violent criminals such as murderers, rapists, kidnappers and drug dealers.
The 36,007 freed criminal illegal aliens went on to commit 87,818 crimes, including 15,635 for driving while intoxicated, the study found.
The statistics show ICE that year released illegals jailed for 9,187 dangerous drug infractions, 426 sexual assault convictions, 303 kidnapping convictions, 193 homicide convictions, 1,317 domestic violence convictions and 1,075 aggravated assault convictions.
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