Sunday, June 21, 2015

10 gunned down at Monterrey, Mexico beer distribution center

Ten people were killed Friday after an armed commando opened fire in broad daylight at a beer distribution center on the outskirts of Monterrey, a major city in northeast Mexico.

Gunmen aboard two trucks arrived around 2 P.M. at the brewery, located 200 meters from Garcia City Hall  and about 25 kilometers from Monterrey, an industrial epicenter in the state of Nuevo Leon and Mexico’s third  largest city.

"The investigation to this point says it is an attack between organized crime groups in which the victims were specifically targeted.  We are not saying positively that they were involved in illegal acts but by the way the attack occurred it points in that direction." explained the prosecutor of Nuevo Leon, Javier Flores.

According to preliminary investigations, all the victims worked in brewery trade and several people who witnessed the attack were unharmed.

Arriving at the scene, authorities found in a warehouse, seven kilos of marijuana and seven naked or half-naked bodies, added Flores.

Three others were injured were sent to a nearby emergency hospital, where they died soon after.

One of those executed was identified as Viviano Sepulveda Rodriguez, who had 30 years working as an accountant for the company

The site is a center for warehousing and distribution of beer.

Zeta territory

In the municipality of Garcia (about 145,000 inhabitants) resides Jaime Rodríguez "El Bronco," who made ​​history in the midterm elections last June 7 when he was elected governor of Nuevo Leon, the first independent candidate to win a office this substantial  in Mexico.

In his statement he said on  Friday "my sadness and my anger increases, from  not having the power to act quickly," Rodriguez wrote on his Facebook page.

"El Bronco",  the 57 year old politician known for his rancho style, claims to have survived two assassination attempts during his tenure as mayor of Garcia (2009-2012), during which he challenged the Los Zetas cartel.

A source at the State Investigation Agency who requested anonymity said the brewery, where authorities found weapons  and magazines of various calibres, acted as an operations center for  Los Zetas.

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