Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Monster 57 LB Toad Caught Eating Neighborhood Pets In New Mexico!

 Missing cats and dogs are usually a sign that a dangerous predator is on the loose. Coyotes and mountain lions are notorious for killing pets. When the residents of Rodeo, New Mexico couldn’t find their beloved ones, the search was on for the large menacing mountain lion who was likely to blame.
Little did they know something entirely different would end up being the culprit.
It turns out, at least 15 pets have fallen victim to a toad. That’s correct, a Sonoran Desert Toad to be exact.
Usually this type of toad gets as big as 1.5 pounds, while being recognized as the largest native toad in North America. So how did this kind of toad gobble up all the neighborhood pets? Well, this guy was bigger than average. A whopping 57 pounds bigger!
It has become a huge mystery for scientists who are now scrambling to figure out how in the world this toad became so big, well over 50 pounds his average size.
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