Monday, May 25, 2015

Anti-Terror Court Indicts 106 People For Burning of Christian Couple in Pakistan

A Pakistani anti-terrorism court has indicted 106 people in connection with the brutal murder of a Christian couple in November 2014.
The mob had falsely accused the couple of burning a Quran.
“The challan (charge-sheet) states that Maulvi Muhammad Hussain, Maulvi Arshad Baloch and Maulvi Noorul Hassan were involved in persistent provocative speeches against the couple which led to the assembly of 400 people as a mob who then burned Shama and Shahzad alive,” the Pakistan Daily Times reported .
“After the challan was presented at the hearing, the court also held Yousaf Gujjar, the owner of the brick kiln where the couple was beaten to death, responsible.”
Guijar had been angry that the couple had not repaid him money that he claimed the couple owed and set them up for blasphemy charges. He placed a few pages of a Quran in their trash bin singed as if the book had been burned.
An official with the International Christian Concern said that the incident shows the danger Christians in Pakistan face every day.
“The brutal killing of Shahzad and Shama once again highlights the extreme danger of religious fanaticism that Christians in Pakistan face on a regular basis. The accusation of blasphemy can be used for any dispute and can often prove deadly as it did today, inciting a mob to brutally murder this young couple.”
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