Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tamaulipas: Demands and Rumors persist in the case of 3 murdered Texans

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

In the aftermath of the events in Matamoros where three U.S. citizens and a Mexican national were killed, the leader of the party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) is demanding the resignation of Mayor Leticia Salazar Vázquez .

Roberto Osvaldo Castillo Hernandez says, the mayor should submit to authorities and give a statement to the evidence that exists against her and the police squad known as Hercules regarding the murder case of 4 young people in Matamoros.

The mayor directly commands the police group Hercules.

Osvaldo says Leticia Salazar, who's from PAN, should leave voluntarily from her position as Mayor of Matamoros, to guarantee investigations in the case. .

Osvaldo said that this situation portrayed Tamaulipas, in a negative light at an international level, and that cannot be tolerated.

The local leader of the Aztec Sun Party said that concern exists in his Political Organization and in Society in General, because facts prove that Matamoros lacks security guarantees, and people cannot be on the streets with confidence of being safe.

“Leticia Salazar Vazquez” as first authority, has the responsibility of assuring the security of the citizens of this municipality and the executions of foreign citizens and other crimes. does not generate confidence in the citizens” he said.

Castillo Hernandez demanded that "the authorities of the 3 orders of Government, immediately clarify the facts, and restore the social peace in Matamoros and all Tamaulipas."

However, Univision and a Tamaulipas columnist published an article saying that the Tamaulipas state government has put a lid on the facts of the story. Although reasons for the squash was not given.


They contend the Hercules Squad were not the culprits of the murders. Going further they insinuate the mother of the murdered young people fabricated that scenario.

Univision contends the trio were driving a Cherokee, which had no plates and stolen in Texas, and it was planned to be driven back into Texas with drugs. Also they accuse the 4th person killed in the murders as the boyfriend of the young woman killed, and was a member of CDG and was involved with fuel theft.

As of today, those charges have not been alluded to by Mexico or the US government. It would seem the vehicle theft would not be a difficult charge to confirm. The detractors of the young people killed say that there have been no reports by design.

However, since this is a bi-border incident, one would think if the US government has information of any of the charges they will be made public. Certainty, at the very least, the auto theft report could be released, an easy access for a reporter or citizen.

Although under no circumstance can the murders be justified, a stolen vehicle report would help in determining the intent of the four killed.

The parents say they fear for their life, they will make themselves available to authorities, but no longer will conduct interviews. Their children were buried in Matamoros.

Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis Posted at 1:40 PM
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