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South side native forced into safe house after church burglarized
Black Chicago Pastor Received Death Threats for Supporting Republican Candidates
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A Chicago pastor attempting to break the Democrat Party’s choke hold over his South Side community says he received threats on his life for supporting Republican candidates.

Rev. Corey Brooks, pastor of the New Beginnings Church and noted community activist, says his decision to break party ranks came at a high cost.

“I took a beating, but it was all worth it,” Brooks told CBS Chicago. “I’ve discovered that… when you go against the status quo, and you go against what people have been doing for years, everybody is not going to be pleased with it.

Tired of decades of failed Democrat policies destroying his community, Brooks publicly announced his support of several Republican candidates including Bruce Rauner, Illinois’ newly elected governor.

“I decided to take a stand for the black community in the upcoming election by publicly supporting Bruce Rauner to be our next governor,” Brooks said on social media.

Brooks’ announcement spawned an almost instantaneous backlash from Democrat operatives, resulting in an onslaught of violent, homophobic and racist phone calls, all of which were turned over to police.

“We own you and you ain’t got nobody that can stop us. Nobody!” one voicemail said.

Shortly after receiving the threats, burglars broke in and vandalized his church, stealing more than $8,000 worth of donations in the process.

Brooks was moved into a temporary safe house for several days as police investigated the matter.

“I’ve been standing up to this type of violence and intimidation tactics for years – and not once have I ever been threatened or our church damaged,” Brooks said in response. “This is a sad day for our community when we get intimidated for speaking from our hearts, but this much is for sure – no matter how many threats they make or how much damage they do, they’re not going to shut me up.”

Despite the hateful bombardment from purveyors of the “tolerant left,” whose monopoly on politics in Chicago has plunged black male teen unemployment to 92 percent, Brooks and a growing number of black Americans have begun to reject the Democrat party.

Sen. Tim Scott, the first black senator to be elected in the south since the Reconstruction era, also received similar treatment from Democrats for his historic win in South Carolina.

“Tim Scott is a damn Uncle Tom,” one Twitter user said.

Scott responded by pointing out the Democrat Party’s tired and endless use of “race-baiting” in politics.

“The lowest common denominator of fear and race-baiting is something that the other party has tried to do, and the voters said ‘No.’ They rejected this,” Scott said.

Although both parties have clear issues with corruption, Americans should be free to choose who they support without fear of violence.
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