Sunday, November 9, 2014

MEXICAN DRUG WARS: 17 shot: Oaxaca Mayor orders citizens fired upon, he is now a fugitive

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

On orders from Carlos Vásquez Rebollar, the mayor of San Baltazar Chichicapan, Oaxaca, three men who are cousins of the PRI Municipal President, shot people from the community, leaving 17 people injured, including women and children.

The mayor is a fugitive

According to the Supremo, newspaper,  the incident occurred on Thursday November  6th   at 3:00 PM, when residents of the town were preparing to march in protest against the mayor,  in the streets of Mount Isa, where the mayor's home is located.  The grievance against the mayor is a common grievance against municipal presidents, he is accused of  “illicit personal enrichment”. Citizens charge the mayor with absconding  12 million pesos, and purchasing luxury SUVs and real estate with public funds.

The people of Chichicapan had summoned him on November 5th to a meeting, to account for the allocation of public resources, however, the mayor did not attend.

The actions by the people,  enraged Mayor  Vasquez, who ordered brothers, Adolph, Roman and Ceferino Santiago Vasquez, cousins of the mayor, to fire on citizens who were  outside his home. 

The men armed with shotguns and ascended to the roof of the mayor’s  house, shooting into the crowd from that vantage point.  

Many of the injured were children, passing by as school had just recessed, for the day.  

After the shooting, the three shooters,  took refuge in the house of the mayor, until the arrival of members of the State Investigation Agency (AEI), who finally arrested the assailants, except Carlos Vasquez, who fled before the arrival of the police, and is a fugitive.

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