Friday, July 11, 2014

ARE ILLEGAL ALIEN TEEN SERIAL KILLERS COMING TO AN AMERICAN CITY NEAR YOU?: Baby Zetas Caught with Videos Depicting the Butchering of their Victims

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 Brutal Teens ages 16 and 13 led the kidnapping gang

Two minors who led a kidnapping cell of  "Los Zetas",  had in their possession eight videos showing victims of kidnappings being butchered, despite having  paid transom demands, police said today Tamaulipas.

On Thursday, July 3, members of the State Police captured the gang  of "Los Zetas" who were respeonsible for kidnappings on the  streets of Colonia Moderna, Cd. Victoria after an "anonymous complaint advised of the likely disappearance of two people."

The Ministry of Public Security of the state arrested three of the members of the unlikely band of kidnappers, which eventually led to the arrest of  seven other members,” said an official statement from the agency.

The police seized a total of ten members of "Los Zetas" who were led by Francisco Garate Alexis Aguilar, 16 years old, and his girlfriend Karina Isabel GarcĂ­a Conde, 13.

After being captured, police confiscated eight videos that show footage of  the murders. In their first statement to authorities, detainees confessed  to belonging to the Zetas operating in the capital city,

They then  admitted to engaging in the  kidnapping and killing of people. Also saying they have killed seven of their hostages. The videos leave no doubt that the children are personally responsible for dismembering kidnapping victims.

As a result of the the videos, authorities were able to identify two of the victims. They were two merchants whose remains were found in a “narco grave” located in the ejido El Olivo.

In recent months, "Los Zetas" have focused their activities on kidnappings in the area, but  authorities in Tamaulipas are notorious for concealing true figures or even that the crime is an issue.
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