Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The iconic child star, whose characters continue to charm audiences 80+ years after their origin, died on Monday night. She was 85. Though her dimples and corkscrew curls may be the first thing folks think of, it was her charisma that continues to keep Temple so relevant. 
I grew up watching Shirley Temple because my mom had grown up watching Shirley Temple and in that sense, she is an icon.  She will always be the most famous child actor ever and maybe the cutest too.  Rest in Peace Shirley, you will be remembered. 

This is a movie biopic made about the most famous child star of all time, Shirley Temple, 

One of the most popular story's about Shirley temple of all time is that she was the very first choice to play Dorothy in the wizard of oz, well guess what, she wasn't. it was late 1937 and Walt Disney had just made snow white and the seven dwarfs and proved to everyone that fantasy films can be successful the most popular fantasy story book in 1937 was the wonderful wizard of oz written by l frank Baum, Sam Goldwyn owned the properties and everyone in Hollywood wanted it, Disney wanted it as a follow up to snow white, fox wanted it for Shirley temple, universal wanted it for Deanna Durban, but it was Arthur freed who wanted it for Judy garland, by early 1938, Judy had made 6 movies and the public really seem to like her but not a lot was happening, author freed decided it was time for Judy to become a star and started searching for just the right movie, he suggested the wizard of oz and promised Judy she would play the singing Dorothy,but the New York office had 2nd thoughts, this was going to be a very expensive movie and they wanted to make sure they'd get there moneys back, and they didn't think that Judy could be a box office sensation, they knew for a fact that Shirley temple was a box office sensation, she was for 5 yrs running, so MGM told fox the idea of using Shirley for their film, and fox refused to loan her out for the amount of time it would take to make the wizard of oz, 

and the biggest myths of all is that MGM agreed to make a trade with fox that if MGM can have Shirley then fox can have Gene Harlow and Clark Gable, THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!!! Gene Harlow past away in mid 1937 and author freed didn't actually get the rights to oz until Feb. 1938, 

Judy was always the studios first choice to play Dorothy, they just suggested Shirley for box office insurance, I'm tired of people pretending and fantasizing about Shirley temple as Dorothy, it never happened so why bother, besides do you know how many movies Shirley instantly remembered for, Judy made more movies then Shirley and shes only instantly remembered for the wizard of oz, could Shirley have been a better Dorothy than Judy THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW.
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