Saturday, February 8, 2014


Coahuila, Mexico


The remains of at least 500 people have been found in just 10 days in which an operation started searching for missing people of at least 11 municipalities of northern Coahuila.

The Assistant Attorney General for The Investigation and Search of Missing Persons in Coahuila (Subprocuraduría para la Investigación y Búsqueda de Personas no Localizadas de Coahuila), Juan José Yáñez Arreola, reported that the remains of around 500 people were found in northern Coahuila.
“The majority of the remains are nearly whole bone units, some of them were found burnt because someone had tried to disintegrate them by incineration”, reported Yáñez Arreola to the newspaper El Siglo de Torreón.

Among the remains, skulls, bones, and charred barrels were found.  The barrels were used to dissolve the bodies, of which only fragments were found.

Yáñez Arreola stated that the remains will be analyzed by forensics experts and that the DNA results of the bones will take four months and later be compared to those with missing persons cases.

The human remains were found in various narco ranches and farms in the municipalities of Zaragoza, Allende, Acuña, Piedras Negras, Guerrero, Monclova, Morelos, Jiménez, Hidalgo, Villa Unión and Nava.

The search was part of a macro operation in which more than 250 military troops, federal police, and state security corporations, the support of a helicopter, four dogs, and specialized radars to detect bodies up to eight feet under were used.  The team was responsible for looking for more than 300 missing persons.

The investigations included 20 statements of former officials who were summoned to testify about the disappearances of people in the northern part of the state.  Former mayors and police chiefs of the 11 municipalities mentioned came to testify. 

The majority of the 300 people who were being sought for by the authorities disappeared in 2011 in the municipalities of Allende and Nava, in the region of Cinco Manantiales (Five Springs), when an organized crime group kidnapped around 80 families.

As part of their operation to find missing persons in the Northern part of the state, Coahuila authorities reported that members of the armed forces, in addition to state (GATE) and federal police, Friday entered the Piedras Negras Ceresco (prison) in search for missing persons. In September, 2012, the prison was the scene of a mass prison break where 129 prisoners escaped by using a tunnel and simply walking out the front gates. 52 escapees remain unaccounted for.

Authorities disclosed the possibility that some of the missing may be buried within the prison. Interrogation of inmates, who were identified by people as having involvement related to missing persons cases, information was obtained by detainees have shared information with others, while they were outside of prison.

Experts with cadaver dogs inspected the prison since last Monday, along with Marina, and police, searching for bodies.

Earlier in the week, in the municipality of Zaragoza, human remains were discovered on a ranch in the municipality of Zaragoza, in addition to finding evidence that dozens of people were incinerated, this information from Jesus Carranza Coahuila Security spokesman.

On the large ranch, bones, clothes bullets, hundreds of bullet casings, were found among other objects of interest, at the ranch that was controlled by Zetas.

Steel barrels used to boil or incinerate bodies, were also found.
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