Monday, January 27, 2014

Hillary Readies Her Crash Helmet

Chief Political Analyst

Three years from today Barack Obama will be retired, which means America is once again heading into the messy political period known as a presidential campaign.
With that in mind, let me give you a word of caution: Don’t believe the liberal media. They always get it wrong.
The liberal pundits in the mainstream media predicted that Jimmy Carter would be re-elected in 1980. They predicted that John Kerry and Al Gore would both beat George W. Bush. And they predicted that Hillary Clinton would easily outdistance the political novice and freshman U.S. Senator, Barack Obama.
Now, the mainstream media has declared a winner for 2016! They’re preparing for the coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton, but I think time will prove them wrong.
Hail, the Conquering Clinton
On Google (GOOG), a quick search for Hillary headlines brings us such unbiased titles as: “16 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Will Win 2016.”
Or how do you like this one? “Why Hillary Clinton Believes That Having a Female President Matters.”
My personal favorite is this one from the Huffington Post: “Ready for Hillary LGBT Kickoff Event Stirs Clinton Presidential Buzz.”
Meanwhile, liberal pundits are giddy over Chris Christie’s bridge scandal because – you guessed it! – they believe it will help Hillary Clinton.
I hope these leftists keep reading their own press releases because Hillary, though a strong candidate, can certainly be beaten.
You see, Hillary has a big problem. Since she’s already been anointed, there’s only one direction she can go from here… down.
The former first lady faces a very difficult task. After eight years of Democratic rule, people are bound to want change. Hillary won’t get the benefit of running after an eight-year GOP reign as Barack Obama once did.
In fact, after one party has been in power for eight years, Americans haven’t elected the same party to a third term since 1988. Even then, George H. W. Bush won largely because of the overwhelming popularity of Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton couldn’t get Al Gore elected in 2000, and George W. Bush couldn’t get John McCain elected in 2008.
Call me an optimist, but I see the conservative backlash against socialism gaining ground. I also see a talented group of conservative candidates preparing for the White House race. I think Americans will be just as happy to see Obama leaving as they were when George W. Bush retired to Texas in 2008.
Hillary knows this, and she’ll likely try to distance herself from Barack Obama. But Hillary was a liberal Senator from New York, and she served as Secretary of State in the Obama cabinet. It will be difficult to draw much distinction between herself and the president.
A Healthcare Nightmare
On top of that, Hillary has been a strong supporter of socialized healthcare since her husband’s first term. Remember “Hillarycare”?
If any one policy is responsible for Barack Obama’s unpopularity, it’s Obamacare. And Hillary has been in favor of socialized medicine since Barack Obama was nothing more than a union organizer in Chicago.
Couple that with Hillary’s involvement in the Benghazi scandal, and you can see why her road to the White House will be a rocky one. Hillary’s name is all over the killing of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens, as she was Stevens’ boss at the time and should be held accountable.
Finally, the GOP has several candidates who are finally ready for primetime. One is Mike Huckabee, who spent that last eight years on the Fox News channel. He’s well known and well liked. In fact, Huckabee is better known now than when he first ran for president in 2008 (following his tenure as Governor of Arkansas).
Other successful governors who may run include Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Mike Pence of Indiana, Chris Christie of New Jersey and John Kasich of Ohio.
And don’t underestimate the core of U.S. Senate Republicans who will likely put their names in the hat. The list includes Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Each of these men would make formidable candidates, which means Hillary will have to win a brutal fight to become the next President of the United States.
Your eyes on the Hill,
Floyd Brown
Floyd Brown boasts a lifetime of political involvement, ranging from political appointee in the Reagan campaigns and consultant to the Bush, Dole and Forbes presidential campaigns - to his current role as the President of the Western Center for Journalism, a nonprofit dedicated to informing and equipping Americans who love freedom
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