Monday, December 2, 2013

SUB-HUMAN NEGROE WOLF PACK CAUGHT IN MURDER CASE: 'after using his OWN Speedy Rewards card with stolen credit cards'

In court: Dajeon Franklin, pictured, was caught using stolen credit cards with his own rewards card
Dajeon Franklin, pictured, was caught using stolen credit cards with his own rewards card


One of three alleged burglars suspected of gunning down a promising med student in his frat house was caught for an earlier break-in after using his Speedy Rewards card with stolen credit cards at a gas station, it has emerged.

Dajeon Franklin, 21, today faces trial for being a lookout as friends allegedly stole laptops and a wallet from a home in Ann Arbor, Michigan in May.

He was caught and arrested and while out on bail, he allegedly took part in another break-in that ultimately led to the death of 25-year-old prospective surgeon, Paul DeWolf, on July 24
Joei Jordan, 20, and Shaquille Jones, 21, have also been named as suspects in the July incident.

The trio allegedly broke into the Phi Rho Sigma medical fraternity and entered DeWolf's basement bedroom, where they startled the promising student.

DeWolf went to get something from his dresser and one of the suspects tried to strike him with the gun, but it fired instead, according to the statements. DeWolf died from a single wound to the neck.

In the May incident, Franklin allegedly served as a lookout for a friend as they broke into a home for electronics and a wallet so that they could pay rent, Mlive reported.

Victim: Paul DeWolf
Victim: Paul DeWolf was found dead in his bedroom in a fraternity house in Ann Arbor, Michigan on July 24. The three suspects claimed they intended to hit him with the gun, but it went off instead, killing him

He used the stolen credit cards at three stores; at a gas station, he used his personal Speedy Rewards card at the same time as the purchase with the stolen credit cards, the police report said.

'I was also notified … that a Speedy Rewards card was also presented at the time of the fraudulent use of the credit card,' Ann Arbor police Detective Dave Monroe wrote. 'I learned through Speedway that the Speedy Rewards card returned to a Mr. Dajeon Franklin.'
Franklin was arrested and charged with one count of second-degree home invasion and two counts of stealing a financial transaction device.

He posted bond and was allowed to leave the Washtenaw County Jail before his alleged part in the DeWolf killing.

But Franklin has not been formally charged and his attorney, Walter White, has denied his involvement.

He faces trial for the May break in Washtenaw County Trial court on Monday morning.

murder suspect Involved: Joei Jordan, 20, was also arrested but charged with the lesser crime of receiving and concealing stolen property
Charged-sub-human bloodthirsty killers: Shaquille Jones, 21, left, was charged with murder and home invasion for DeWolf's death, while Joei Jordan, 20, right, was charged with the lesser crime of receiving and concealing stolen property

It comes after The Detroit Free Press obtained police statements from Jones, Jordan and Franklin, saying they had broken into Phi Rho Sigma fraternity and entered DeWolf's basement bedroom.

Ann Arbor police Detective Katie Nucci recounted the statements at a November 22 warrant hearing for Jordan and Jones the newspaper said.

Jones said DeWolf got out of bed 'and was asking what was going on', the detective testified. 
She said Jones told investigators that the third suspect 'pulled out a handgun and pointed it' at the medical student and 'ordered DeWolf not to move'.

'At some point DeWolf grabbed something off of his desk and/or drawer' and started to move toward the third suspect, at which time the man 'raised the gun and attempted to strike DeWolf with the gun, and the gun at that time fired.'

DeWolf screamed, and the suspects ran off, Nucci testified.

Using data about a stolen computer, investigators tracked Jordan to Sumter County, South Carolina, and Jones to North Charleston, South Carolina.

Police say DeWolf failed to arrive for a scheduled assignment at the Veteran's Affairs Hospital. The hospital sent a colleague to the home to check on him, and that person discovered DeWolf had died - He was an enthusiastic marathon runner too
Loss: Police say DeWolf, a top student, marathon runner and accomplished scuba diver, failed to arrive for a scheduled assignment at the Veteran's Affairs Hospital - and his body was later found

The next court dates are Thursday for Jones and December 12 for Jordan.

DeWolf was an enlisted second lieutenant in the United States Air Force and was studying at university to complete his surgical training. He was in his fourth year of study when he was killed.

He belonged to Sigma Phi Epsilon at Grand Valley State University and Phi Rho Sigma Fraternity at the University of Michigan.

He was a brilliant piano and French horn player, traveled the world on several mission trips, loved scuba diving and had competed in marathons. He was a devout Christian.

A statement from the university said that DeWolf was the 'epitome of everything great in the field of medicine.'

'We extend our deepest condolences to Paul's family, friends and colleagues,' UM president Coleman added to the statement. 

'He was working and training among a close, nurturing community of healers and I know they will help each other through this difficult time. They will need the support of the broader campus community in the weeks and months ahead, and we will provide it.'

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