Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thyroid Cancers Triple: Fukushima? People Getting Mysteriously Ill With Thyroid Cancer

Three teachers at Malibu High School in California have recently come down with mysterious and unexplained cases of thyroid cancers according to the first two recently released videos below. Coincidentally, or not, thyroid cancers have also tripled across America according to this linked story from NewsMax Health: Doctors Can’t Explain Dramatic Rise in Thyroid Cancers. Are these thyroid cancers related to the catastrophic radiation discharge from Fukushima? Is it something within the schools they work at? According to the Infowars video (3rd below), radiation from Fukushima will affect us all here in America.

READ: “Fukushima radiation worse than feared” — Gov’t and Tepco ‘ignore’ effects of radioactive iodine 

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