Friday, September 27, 2013

White House all wet in 'Drink Up' campaign

Every single time she opens her trap about health and diet, she's wrong, wrong, WRONG. 

You know who I'm talking about. The un-elected, self-appointed, French-fry-gobbling "Nutrition Queen" married to the President -- the one mucking up school lunches and even trying to lecture us adults about what we should eat. 

Now, she's lecturing you about what to drink, too. Her "Drink Up" campaign is aimed at getting people to glug, glug, glug water. 

Why? Get this: 

"Drink just one more glass of water a day and you can make a real difference for your health, your energy, and the way you feel," she said. 

Now, it's one thing to just make stuff up. But it's quite another to just make stuff up and then urge more than 300 million Americans to take action based on that fabrication. 

And that's what she's done here -- because there is ZERO evidence that drinking one more glass of water a day will do any of that. 

Not controversial evidence. Not mixed evidence. Not just a little bit of evidence. 


It's a flat-out lie, and one that's designed to help her friends in the soda industry. Yes, the soda industry -- because they're the same people who sell bottled water, and they're part of this "Drink Up" campaign. 

They're planning to put her "Drink Up" logo onto 500 MILLION bottles of water next year. 

Yes folks, "Drink Up" is little more than a high-profile taxpayer-funded campaign to benefit the junk-food industry -- but the cold truth about water is that you don't need to drink a single drop of it if you don't want to. 

I haven't had a sip in years and I haven't dried up yet. 

If you do want to drink water, drink only when you're thirsty -- and if you drink tap water, make sure it's filtered with reverse osmosis, the only way to remove all the drugs, hormones and chemical contaminants put in both intentionally and unintentionally. 

That includes fluoride, the toxic waste byproduct clinically proven to make people dumb. (Get the whole stupid scoop here.) 

Hmmm... maybe that's why Mrs. Obama wants you to drink more water. The dumber you get, the more likely you'll let her husband walk all over you and your rights. 
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